Frustrated with Access to Healthcare? We can help.

I joined Empowered Health because I was frustrated with my existing Primary Care Physician (PCP) and her ability to provide care for me. Even though I had the same PCP for more than 20 years, her availability declined to the point that I had to book appointments three months in advance – otherwise I had to see a nurse.

Sadly, when I did manage to see my PCP, she was so rushed and pressured to turn over patients that she began making serious errors reading lab results and forgetting to do things that she had promised to do moments before. I decided it was time for a change – especially since I had some health issues that were getting worse, affecting my quality of life, and not being addressed.

In June 2019, I read an article in the newspaper about Empowered Health and Dr. Schneider. I was intrigued, so I called and asked her quite a few questions about her philosophy and the costs involved in her practice. I was impressed by her communication skills and her ability to understand my questions even when they were not stated very clearly, and I figured that I could try her out and see how it went. 

I’ve never looked back! Dr. Schneider is incredible. Doctors are rarely both knowledgeable and deeply compassionate, but Dr. Schneider is definitely both. She takes care of my routine endocrine and nephrology needs as well as my general health. As such, she has replaced three doctors, which is a great relief since those doctors never communicated with one another regarding my care.

She answers every question that I have within a day or two (and I ask a LOT of questions), and she is the most patient, kind person I think I have ever met. If she doesn’t hear from me for a while, she checks in to see how things are going.

In addition to the normal issues that go with being in my 60’s, I came to Dr. Schneider with three very vexing problems: unrelenting hip pain, vacillating/unbalanced thyroid hormone levels, and insomnia. She has worked diligently to help me eliminate those conditions from my life, and I am happy to say that two out of three are no longer issues, and one is nearly gone!

As a bonus, my diet has improved, I have lost about 10 pounds, I feel more energetic, and the arthritis in my hands and feet is much less painful. 

I would encourage anyone who is frustrated with their access to quality healthcare give Dr. Schneider a call. It is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself!