Dr. Schneider Identified the Root Cause of 35 Years of Chronic Pain

At the age of 70, I learned about the Lifestyle Reset program at Empowered Health. What really interested me is that Dr. Schneider does a whole blood panel analysis, so she understands what is going on inside your body. You fill out questionnaires that lets her know about your lifestyle; what things in your lifestyle might be causing problems if you do indeed have problems.

You get a consultation with her after she has reviewed your data; she provides her assessment and what she believes might be the root cause. More importantly, she gives you a path forward so you now have something actively to do.

When we were in discussing my blood panel results, Dr. Schneider explained to me that I had good bloodwork and overall was well fit. However, I learned I had high iron. Dr. Schneider wanted to redo the blood work and examine my liver to make sure there was no liver damage. She did so and my liver is healthy, no problems.

Because of this high iron, Dr. Schneider also wanted me to have a genetic test to see if I had hereditary hemochromatosis. This is a specific gene that when expressed, makes your body love iron. It takes all the iron it can get and stores it in different places in the body.

With that information, Dr. Schneider and I crafted a plan where I would see a hematologist and also get the genetic test to identify if I did have hereditary hemochromatosis.

I had the consult with the hematologist and my genetic test revealed that I do have hereditary hemochromatosis. So today, I am still undergoing bloodletting (phlebotomy) because I’m still not down to the value where I need to be.

Additionally, I wasn’t aware before starting this process that I was beginning to lose some of my cognitive capability, because iron is being stored in the soft tissue around my brain. That cognition is coming back and it’s quite a joy.

My muscles are coming back, that’s quite a joy. I have no pain in my back. I have ZERO pain in my back, and after 35 years of chronic pain, that is quite a relief. I’m also finding that my knees are feeling much better.

I did let my family know about my genetic condition (hereditary hemochromatosis). I have two brothers and three sisters; it turns out that my older brother has this same condition. Sadly, my younger brother died last year, and this condition may have been part of the reason for the massive failure in his liver and his heart.

I believe the individual is their own healer. And what the individual needs to do is to find the right medical team the right people who are in the industry of helping people improve their nutrition and their body and understand their root causes and have a program that addresses those root causes and keep them in good health.

I believe in holistic medicine. I believe in the approach that Empowered Health takes, and I highly recommend it.