Dr. Schneider Personally Cares

This is the kind of doctor that I wish everyone went to.

“Empowered Health has always been there to support me. There’s been more than one time where I’ve needed some guidance quickly, and I’ve always felt really confident that whenever I send a message through your e-portal system that I’m going to get a helpful response in a timely manner. That’s one of the ways that I’ve felt really supported because if I send a message, I know it’s not going to get lost or ignored. I know that either Dr. Schneider or her assistant will respond soon, and I’ve found that really helpful.

Dr. Schneider has also been there to fill in gaps when some of my other doctors haven’t been available. For instance, I had surgery recently and my surgeon is currently out of town, so I’ve really been able to reach out to Dr. Schneider to bridge those gaps. Her being willing and able to help me follow up on that makes me know and trust that she is going to be there for me. I really appreciate that Dr. Schneider and her assistant have been following up with me to make sure I’m doing well.

What I like about the membership model in particular is that I’m not a number. I feel like Dr. Schneider and her assistant care personally about how I’m doing. I believe that’s really helpful for me since I really need that kind of care right now. Her health suggestions are always fantastic. I haven’t been able to implement all of them due to my surgery, but the ones I have been able to put into action have made a noticeable difference in my health. Plus, Dr. Schneider is always willing to customize her health action plans based on what’s going on in my life. She always asks me what I think I’m able to do at this point in my life, because she knows I’m a busy person. So being flexible about choosing and prioritizing those things for me has been really helpful.

When I first joined Empowered Health, I honestly didn’t know how the membership model was going to work. I didn’t know how many people Dr. Schneider would have in her office, how busy she would be, stuff like that, but she and her assistant have been able to be really responsive. I highly value that. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how quickly I can get in to be seen by her if I have something unexpected come up, or how quickly I can reach both of them through the e-portal. For me, it’s been that availability that’s been so nice.

I’m already recommending Empowered Health to people in my life for a lot of reasons. I mention that it’s a personal experience – It’s a totally different situation than going to a doctor’s office where you’re just shuffled in and out. I also like to bring up the fact that she’s both a functional doctor and a traditional doctor. Having that combination is rare around here and I think really important. And so when people say to me that they don’t feel heard, or they can’t get in, or they can’t talk to their doctor, or they wished they had someone who looked at the whole picture, I’m recommending Dr. Schneider at Empowered Health. This is the kind of doctor that I wish everyone went to.”