The Access I Have to Dr. Schneider is Amazing

Healthy couple

I was Dr. Schneider’s patient at Kadlec and when she left I didn’t want to go through the process of finding another doctor. Dr. Schneider had taken the time to get to know me as a person, unlike a lot of other doctors that I had been to. And with the turnover rate of doctors in this area, I just knew that the membership fee would be worth the access to Dr. Schneider. Especially since she’s one of the only doctors that understands my “white coat syndrome,” where I get nervous being in a doctor’s office, and she is even able to make me relax while I’m in her office.

When I first went to her new office I was taken aback by how calming the atmosphere was. Even my wife who came with me leaned over and said, “this isn’t like any doctor’s office I’ve ever been in.” Throughout the entire process I felt really cared for and supported. Dr. Schneider ordered labs, the receptionist gave me all the instructions I needed, and during my next appointment Dr. Schneider broke down exactly what my results meant. I always felt respected and supported.

Plus Dr. Schneider never judges or lectures, no matter how off track you get. She understand that health is a journey and sometimes there’s bumps along the way. So for instance, which the whole COVID-19 thing going on right now, I know I’ve packed on a few pounds and haven’t been going to the gym. But I also know that Dr. Schneider will understand. She won’t be upset at me, and instead will give me helpful advice for getting back on track that personalized for me and my situation.

The amount of access that I have to Dr. Schneider at Empowered Health is amazing as well. I was having a conversation with some friends about our doctors, and they were just blown away when I told them that not only was I able to get ahold of Dr. Schneider anytime I needed to, but that she would even call me directly – sometimes even after hours – to check-in and go over recent test results. A few of them were off-put by the membership model, but I asked them, isn’t the price you pay each year to go to your doctor’s office once or twice about the same as the amount you’d pay per year for this? And on top of that, they have so many options, like the different programs, the health coaching, and they even send out monthly newsletters with deals and helpful information.

It’s exciting to be a part of a doctor’s office that truly empowers and gives me the tools to take care of myself. I’ve always felt that at Empowered Health it’s not just some expert telling me what to do. Instead it feels like the team is right there in the boat with me, helping me to figure it out and give me plans that work for me.