Exceeding Expectations

exceeding expectations

I got more results from this program than I ever imagined!

We started Empowered Health because we knew our community was hungry for better care through transparency, access, education, and ultimately just being plain heard by their physician. This requires us to challenge the standard model of healthcare every day, and it’s reassuring to hear from our patients the difference it has made in their lives and want to share that with you!  Read on to hear a recent review we’ve received from Maggie.

Empowered Health Experience: I got more results from this program than I ever imagined!

“I joined the Lifestyle Reset program because I was at a point where I knew I wasn’t eating or exercising enough and feared if I did not make serious changes to diet and exercise that I would develop diabetes or some other chronic condition. I felt like I knew just enough about nutrition and exercise to know what I should be doing but couldn’t quite get to the point of putting it all together into daily practice. I was looking for sustainable lifestyle recommendations that I could implement and stick with for the rest of my life and thought that Empowered Health’s Lifestyle Reset program could offer that for me, and it definitely did!

Everything about this program exceeded my expectations! This program is a deep dive into nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and goal setting. For the first time, I truly understand how the food we eat affects various body systems. 

The information was presented professionally yet not ‘dry’ or boring. The exercise component was incorporated into each class, modeling perfectly how exercise can be incorporated into a lifestyle. Being able to experience Pilates and yoga during class was valuable to me as it allowed me to try them out in a safe, non-judgmental place. Other aspects of the class such as the guided imagery, beginning bloodwork, biohacking devices, beautifully organized notebook, exercise videos, PowerPoint slides, and tailored lifestyle and exercise plans all gave me the tools to be successful in continuing the lifestyle changes we started during this class. This program is far and above even my highest expectation. I highly recommend this program! Don’t be intimidated by the cost – it is worth every penny! It is hard to describe how amazing this program is, but all of these components and more make it a great investment.

I got more results from this program than I ever imagined! It gave me the tools to implement lifelong changes. Some things I specifically found empowering were the introduction to Pilates and Yoga, which have been helping me with my sciatic nerve pain; examples and practice of how to eat healthy, which in combination with exercise, has helped me lose 11 pounds; the introduction to guided imagery that has been effective at helping me relax; and the philosophical switch of thinking of food as medicine. All of these have made me feel more confident in being able to continue down a healthy path moving forward.”