Simple Fixes

Happy that I get to drive my own health choices and medical decisions!

We started Empowered Health because we knew our community was hungry for better care through transparency, access, education, and ultimately just being plain heard by their physician. This requires us to challenge the standard model of healthcare every day, and it’s reassuring to hear from our patients the difference it has made in their lives and want to share that with you!  Read on to hear a recent review we’ve received from Jennifer Chapa.

Empowered Health Experience: Happy that I get to drive my own health choices and medical decisions!

“I joined Empowered Health because I’m now 45 years old and I have spent 20 years of my adulthood in a sort of morbidly obese setup. I was getting sicker and sicker, and every year I’d add a new medication or a new diagnosis. In my job at the time, I had seen a lot of elders that had gone down the same path I was on, and they had lost mobility and the ability to care for themselves. I just refused to end up having that kind of health as I got older. So, I researched things I could do on my own and I wanted a doctor that would help support my decisions and my knowledge of my body’s needs.

Dr. Schneider has definitely been that support. In our first few appointments, she ordered a bunch of tests I had never had done before and was able to determine that there were a few little things that could be easily fixed. That made me feel better physically and it made me feel like she knew what to look for and how to help correct those things with just a simple fix. It made me feel confident in her care. On top of that, it’s made me happy that I get to drive my own health choices and medical decisions. I’m not just showing up for a 10-minute appointment and being told the standard cookie-cutter answers to my concerns. I feel like I have an actual connection to my doctor now.

I would recommend Empowered Health to others, and in fact, have already recommended it to many people in my life. I think a lot of people have health issues that they could solve simply and avoid a lot of other complications with this model. For instance, for me, a five-dollar bottle of vitamin D was all I needed to feel stronger and more energetic. No other doctor had ever done a vitamin D test for me, but that simple fix had me feeling better in just days. And for those that already have a lot of complications, Dr. Schneider can help drill down to the root cause of some of those things, and maybe empower them to have better health.”