This type of medical care is about treating the whole person not the symptom

refresher course

The last 4 years have been a struggle both mentally and physically. Thanks to Dr. Schneider and her team at Empowered Health I am feeling better than I have in years. After helping to care for my mother and watching her lose her battle with cancer, followed shortly by the loss of my father in law, all while trying to start a non-profit, I was not feeling myself.

I had no energy, my diet did not seem to be working for me, I had not been exercising enough and I just felt horrible inside and out. I had not been able to find and keep a doctor since moving to the area, so I was feeling somewhat at a loss. 

In January I decided to become a patient of Dr. Schneider at Empowered Health and signed up for the Lifestyle Reset 5-week program. The extensive blood work and physical I received helped Dr. Schneider put together a lifestyle plan that has changed my everyday life for the better.

Through the reset program I have learned about nutrition, (food is medicine), exercise, (the importance of a well rounded exercise plan), the importance of sleep, (the understanding of each of the sleep stages), and relaxation, (enjoying something every day and how mediation really calms but also can inspire ones day). I have seen changes in my health from focusing on these five key areas.

I have more energy, especially in the afternoon, I am sleeping better, meditation has helped me cope with my grief and loss, I feel physically stronger, and have been able to start tapering off my blood pressure medication. 

I have been able to call or email Dr. Schneider with questions and she has always returned my messages personally and in a timely manner. I appreciate the efficiency and personal care she provides her patients. This type of medical care is about treating the whole person not the symptom.

The fantastic team has reassured me that if I need a boost in any of the five key areas, I can always call they will get me back on track. I cannot say enough about Dr. Schneider and her team, they are awesome.