With Dr. Schneider, I Enjoy a Private Doctor Relationship Again.

I had my best health experiences when I’ve had a private doctor and these days that’s hard to find. I’m a relatively healthy 57-year old male who wants to stay healthy and does not want to take medicines unless absolutely necessary.  I tried working within the healthcare models that the big hospital systems manage and that wasn’t doing it for me.  With Dr. Schneider I now have that private doctor experience again. 

Being a data professional, I like to be able to have the data I need to help assess and define my health journey and the Empowered Health team provides the means for me to do that. Dr. Schneider is willing to work with me on my terms (natural versus drugs) and work like a true partner in my health journey.

Since starting with Empowered health, I’ve been able to stop taking one of the prescribed medicines I had taken for years.  We built a lifestyle plan based on what my body needs versus some cookie cutter recipe. I already exercised 5 days a week, so she leveraged that.  A few changes in eating and some vitamins based on what lab results were showing made not only the change in medicine possible but so far almost 10 lbs of weight lost as well.  I can say I pretty much eat what I want but my habit changes have made me want things that are good for me. This wasn’t done by magic, but by having a doctor who is willing to listen, not afraid to run additional tests and who I could trust to form a true partnership for healthy living.