Empowered Fit

Specially curated movement workshops that will challenge your body and your mind.

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Empowered Fit

The Empowered Fit Program.

This program is aimed at helping you find strength in both your body and your mind. Our resident fitness expert, Leah Prost, builds functional movement classes based in Pilates, yoga and barre fundamentals, all disciplines in which she is certified and trained.

The Empowered Fit workshops are low-impact and designed for participants at all levels of fitness. Using a dynamic blend of stretching, strengthening and balance-driven moves, you will learn how to build your "mind-body connection". This bond will help you in better, more fluid movement throughout your day as well as how to recognize physical cues from your body.

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$650 one time fee

Functional Medicine Consultation

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$155 /month

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Health Optimizer

$255 /month

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