Executive Membership.

The monthly membership for health optimizers.


Anyone is who looking for…

  • Physician-guided biohacking
  • Personalized nutrition planning and implementation
  • Female, male or thyroid hormone analysis
  • Assistance managing weight gain or weight loss
  • Metabolism optimization
  • Accountability for habit formation

What You Get:

  • 90 min new patient physical
  • 60 min physical results review and health action plan development
  • Up to 10 physician-recommended follow-up appointments per year
  • Secure messaging via chart, physician response for urgent concerns within 24hrs 365 days/yr
  • Priority problem-based office and phone visits as needed during office hours*
  • Free access to guest speakers, community meetups, and other clinic sponsored events
  • 30% off group program rates
  • Complimentary annual advanced cardiovascular and functional testing at a $400 value
  • Semi-annual physician check in and advanced testing review
  • Personalized membership navigation with a patient care specialist
  • 9 health coaching sessions

What is Not Included:

  • Cost of medications, supplements, or other recommended services
  • Cost of additional laboratory testing, including hormone, stool, or food allergen panels, above the complimentary value
  • However, insurance often covers upwards of 70% of these costs and an HSA or FSA account can be used

More than a primary care visit.

Our executive membership gives you all the benefits of our comprehensive membership, plus an extension to your personal health team. You’ll receive not only direct access to a personal physician, but also a personal health coach, membership navigation specialist, and added advance testing.

Your monthly membership gives you:

A personal physician.

At Empowered Health, our board-certified physician is your personal physician who intimately knows your health history. 


Longer visit times with your physician.

60 to 90-minute visits with your personal physician to look at your health holistically.


Direct access to your physician.

Empowered Health members have a physician portal they can access for questions and concerns, on top of more time with the physician at their visits.


A personal patient care specialist.

Navigating your health is complex. Let our membership navigator assist with coordination of appointments and clarifying next steps.


Health Coaching Sessions

Our health coaches work closely with your physician to keep you on track with your goals in a way that fits your lifestyle.


Annual Advanced Cardiovascular and Functional Testing

Advance testing that empowers patients with in-depth health insights. Normally a $400 value, this testing is included in your membership.

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Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!


$650 one time fee

Functional Medicine Consultation

$500 one time fee


$155 /month

  • Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!


$255 /month

  • Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!

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