Foundational Health Coaching.

Taking your first steps toward making sustainable changes for better health.


Anyone who is looking for…

  • Those who have never done health coaching at Empowered Health before. This includes those who have a Foundational Membership and non-members. 
  • Health Optimizers Members who want to add more coaching to their membership. 
  • Those who want to focus on changing their relationship with food by focusing on the principles of Intuitive Eating 
  • Anyone with multiple lifestyle behaviors that they need extra support or accountability in making changes to to meet their health goals. 
  • Anyone wanting to manage a chronic health condition or prevent the development of a genetically predisposed family health history 

What You Get:

  • 6.5 hours of health coaching over 6 months 
  • 30, 45 or 60-minute sessions to fit your schedule
  • Sessions held in-person, over telehealth, or by telephone
  • Accountability and support for change implementation
  • Facilitated assessments for increased self-awareness
  • Secure messaging between sessions

What is Not Included:

  • Counseling or psychotherapy.
  • Medical consultation or education.
  • Lab testing or results review.

Health Coaching can provide support for developing and maintaining lifestyle behaviors such as:
Healthy eating habits  |  Making time for movement  |  Reducing chronic inflammation  |  Time management for self-care
Improving sleep  |  Stress management

Our Health Coaching services also include an Intuitive Eating program.

Your Foundational Health Coaching Package gives you:

Focused health goals

A plan directed at improving two or more health conditions through targeted coaching and goals.

A change partner

Private one-on-one coaching sessions that are held either in-person, over the telephone or through videoconferencing.

Flexible scheduling

A coaching timetable that is flexible to your schedule with a frequency that works for you.

Increased self-awareness

Through personality assessment, values exploration, and other tools you and your coach will determine what really matters to you.


The support you need to maintain and achieve your self-defined goals related to sleep, relaxation, movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships.

An open line of communication

Secure between session messaging via chart.

We are here to answer your questions.
Schedule your Health Coaching Inquiry Call today!

Not sure if health coaching is right for you? Schedule a call with one of our patient care specialists to learn more about Empowered Health’s approach to coaching.

Our Health Coaching Inquiry call is a 20-minute phone call with our certified health coach to answer any of your questions regarding these services.

* This is not a medical consultation in any way.

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$780 (*Monthly Payment Plan Available)

Why Creating New Habits Can Be Challenging

Creating new habits can be challenging and overwhelming. There are four phases a person goes through when trying to change or create new habits. A health coach, like Erika, can be an integral part of this process. "I help people make change when change is hard."
  • Awareness: You become aware that a change needs to be made but have not done anything yet.
  • Awkward: You start to make a change, but it feels strange and uncomfortable
  • Applying: You are regularly doing the new behavior or implementing the new routine and it is starting to become more comfortable to do.
  • Automatic: You no longer even think about having to do the behavior because it has become a permanent part of your life.
Many people struggle with the second stage (Awkward). Health coaching can provide support by making it less uncomfortable and by helping to make this stage shorter.

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