Empowering you
to achieve optimal wellness.

Precision medicine at Empowered Health.

Our Mission:  

Empower People, Enrich Lives. 

At Empowered Health, one size does not fit all. Precision medicine is just that: precise. It is an approach that takes into account a 360-degree assessment of your biometrics, genome analysis and advanced testing to tailor your personalized health action plan that is proactive and preventative.

"Empowered Health's approach to health care is so much better than our current healthcare system which treats symptoms versus working to diagnose, treat and heal root cause of the issue." 

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Personalized, preventative and comprehensive care.

Precision Medicine

Your health, history and goals are unique to you. That's why we provide healthcare to you as an individual, using current science and advanced technology, looking at your personal history, lifestyle habits and goals to create sustainable health plan for YOU. 

Time with your Doctor

We’ve replaced the typical, brief physician interactions with comprehensive 60-minute yearly physicals, and ample time for health action plan development. Our approach allows time for you and your provider to build a long-term physician/patient relationship. 

Empowered Method

Our exclusive method: We evaluate your health, history and goals, then gather and analyze data. Using this information we create a individualized health action plan with support and guidance. 

“People are empowered when they have the knowledge, ability, resources, and motivation to identify and make healthy choices.”

- Surgeon General National Prevention Strategy Report


Our Priorities.



With so many options to pursue health today, our job at Empowered Health is to know your story and be your guide on the journey to optimal wellness.



We understand that health literacy is key to ongoing healthy choices and work to educate you on your own labs, testing and health issues.



Because you are the agent of change, we prioritize health goals according to your wishes instead of fitting every patient into the same health plan.



We invest substantial time for you to tell your story, ask questions and interact with the physician. This may be up to 90 minutes for your first visit, compared to 20–40 minutes visit at a standard clinic.



We incorporate cutting-edge technology to aid you in your health journey.



We created multiple options for physician access, including email, office visits and telemedicine, to best serve your needs.



We are transparent and upfront about costs so you aren’t surprised by unexpected medical bills.