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Empowering you
to achieve optimal wellness.


We are here to answer your questions. Schedule your Empowered Inquiry Call today!

* This is not a medical consultation in any way.

Schedule a call with one of our patient care specialists to learn more about Empowered Health’s Membership and Health model approach.

20-minute phone call to answer any of the your questions regarding our model and offerings.

Join Dr. Schneider at the 2020 Women's Business Expo!

Stop by the Empowered Health booth to learn more about our approach to health care and our services. And you don't want to miss Dr. Schneider's 3pm presentation: Your Health: The Key to Thriving (or Key to a Thriving Career).

Join our Lifestyle Reset Program & learn how to improve 5 key aspects of your health:

Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Connection & Relaxation

We deliver a comprehensive approach to healthcare led by a board-certified physician empowering patients to make positive and sustainable healthy changes.

Personalized, comprehensive care — not just a checkup.



From convenient access to in depth medical analysis and providing education on your medical conditions, our member-focused plans put you in charge of your wellness journey.



We’ve replaced the typical, brief physician interactions with comprehensive 60 minute yearly physicals, health action plan development, dashboards to track your progress and more.


Our Clinic

Not your typical doctor’s office, our Richland clinic offers a relaxing and supportive setting for getting to know you and addressing all of your healthcare needs.

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“People are empowered when they have the knowledge, ability, resources, and motivation to identify and make healthy choices.”

- Surgeon General National Prevention Strategy Report