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Priceless Care

"I had been waiting for a functional medicine physician to come to our area for a long time. When I found Dr. Schneider, my health was at a low point. Her knowledge and caring have helped me find a light at the end of the tunnel. Through testing, the right nutrition, and lifestyle/behavioral interventions, Dr. Schneider and her team at Empowered Health have helped me take charge of my health.

I simply can't say enough good things about the type of care Dr. Schneider provides. I'd say it borders on priceless."

Dr. Schneider is the Best

I am so happy that I joined Empowered Health in 2019. Dr. Schneider is the best! She is caring, very knowledgeable and she listens to all concerns addresses them no matter how small leaving no stone unturned. She includes me in the decision making regarding my health care and she provides recommendations for the best course of action. Her diagnosis are always thorough and accurate.

Her clinic offers a variety of services with highly qualified professionals. Thank you, Dr. Schneider for providing me with exceptional treatment and preventative medical care.

Individualized Care

Empowered Health is a rare find in the world of medicine today. The first visit is very thorough and personal, as is the care that follows. When I use the patient portal for correspondence the answer comes directly from my own provider Haley right away.

Haley is attentive, encouraging and caring - as well as knowledgeable. I have no need to look any further for excellent and individualized healthcare!


This health care model of functional-conventional medicine is just what I was looking for to manage the myriad of issues I have. Dr Schneider is wonderful! She took the time to fully assess my health and made recommendations that will work with my current lifestyle, needs, and abilities.

After three years, I still HIGHLY recommend Empowered Health. I've received superior care and believe Dr. Schneider truly cares for her patients. Being a member here is worth every penny!!

I Am In Control

I joined Empowered Health because I wanted to play an active role in my own health. Empowered Health allows me to be a partner in making decisions regarding my health.

Dr. Schneider always spends time listening to me and her recommendations always take my beliefs into consideration. 

When I recommend Empowered Health, I always say the idea is to empower YOU, the patient in making improvements in your own health. YOU need to be an active participant in that journey.

Everyone Listens to Me!

I joined Empowered Health because I needed guidance with my nutrition and my sleeping habits. One positive change I’ve experienced since joining is that I am eating regularly and I feel so much better and nourished. I have felt supported by my provider and the Empowered Health team the whole time. They always listen. The…
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Generous Appointment Times

I have really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Schneider. She is so caring and knowledgeable. Going to her office is a calm, pleasant experience. The appointment times are generous and I don’t feel rushed. During my appointment time she is so focused on me. The in depth health analysis is something I’ve never experienced but…
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Dr. Schneider Found Things No Other Doctor Had Even Looked For

My name is Vanessa, and I am 30 years old. I’d like to tell you my story.  When I was 16 I contracted a virus that made me exhausted and caused me to sleep all the time. When I finally conquered the virus, a multitude of other symptoms started presenting themselves, and the constant fatigue…
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Dr. Schneider Looks at the Whole Picture

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I couldn’t be happier with the team at Empowered Health. Dr. Schneider is great to work with and she looks at the whole picture instead of simply treating the symptom. I’ve been working with her for two years. She is very thorough and takes the time to explain…
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Dr. Schneider Personally Cares

This is the kind of doctor that I wish everyone went to. “Empowered Health has always been there to support me. There’s been more than one time where I’ve needed some guidance quickly, and I’ve always felt really confident that whenever I send a message through your e-portal system that I’m going to get a…
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Frustrated with Access to Healthcare? We can help.

I joined Empowered Health because I was frustrated with my existing Primary Care Physician (PCP) and her ability to provide care for me. Even though I had the same PCP for more than 20 years, her availability declined to the point that I had to book appointments three months in advance – otherwise I had…
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I Feel Better Than I Have in Years

My name is Jeff Markillie. About 14 months ago I was between a rock and a hard place. I was gaining weight, I had brain fog, I had a perpetual cough; I didn’t feel good. My wife had been investigating functional medicine and said, “Why don’t you give Empowered Health Institute a try?” I had…
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Dr. Schneider Identified the Root Cause of 35 Years of Chronic Pain

At the age of 70, I learned about the Lifestyle Reset program at Empowered Health. What really interested me is that Dr. Schneider does a whole blood panel analysis, so she understands what is going on inside your body. You fill out questionnaires that lets her know about your lifestyle; what things in your lifestyle might…
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With Dr. Schneider, I Enjoy a Private Doctor Relationship Again.

I had my best health experiences when I’ve had a private doctor and these days that’s hard to find. I’m a relatively healthy 57-year old male who wants to stay healthy and does not want to take medicines unless absolutely necessary.  I tried working within the healthcare models that the big hospital systems manage and that…
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I can confirm Empowered Health’s membership model is worth it.

I signed up with Empowered Health with some hesitancy because of the monthly membership fee. Would it be worth it? After a year with Empowered Health, I can confirm that it is. The main benefit for me has been receiving individual feedback while interacting with Dr. Schneider. Her direct feedback for improving my health has…
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The Access I Have to Dr. Schneider is Amazing

I was Dr. Schneider’s patient at Kadlec and when she left I didn’t want to go through the process of finding another doctor. Dr. Schneider had taken the time to get to know me as a person, unlike a lot of other doctors that I had been to. And with the turnover rate of doctors…
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Health Coaching

I Would Definitely Recommend Health Coaching

I don’t usually like to talk to people about my personal matters. In fact, I don’t think I ever would have signed up for health coaching because of that. Thankfully though, I had the opportunity to sit down with the health coach Erika, and my idea of what health coaching is was totally changed. Erika…
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This type of medical care is about treating the whole person not the symptom

The last 4 years have been a struggle both mentally and physically. Thanks to Dr. Schneider and her team at Empowered Health I am feeling better than I have in years. After helping to care for my mother and watching her lose her battle with cancer, followed shortly by the loss of my father in…
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Personalized Care, Transparent Pricing

Dr. Schneider is super attentive and proactive when it comes to my care We started Empowered Health because we knew our community was hungry for better care through transparency, access, education, and ultimately just being plain heard by their physician. This requires us to challenge the standard model of healthcare every day, and it’s reassuring…
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Simple Fixes

Happy that I get to drive my own health choices and medical decisions! We started Empowered Health because we knew our community was hungry for better care through transparency, access, education, and ultimately just being plain heard by their physician. This requires us to challenge the standard model of healthcare every day, and it’s reassuring…
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exceeding expectations

Exceeding Expectations

I got more results from this program than I ever imagined! We started Empowered Health because we knew our community was hungry for better care through transparency, access, education, and ultimately just being plain heard by their physician. This requires us to challenge the standard model of healthcare every day, and it’s reassuring to hear…
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