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forest bathing

Forest Bathing … Yes, It’s a Thing

Time in nature has reduced drastically as humanity has moved to more urban locations. It…

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COVID vaccine

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Here: What You Need to Know

With the new FDA emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being announced there…

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What’s the Difference Between Functional & Traditional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?  Functional medicine is a branch of holistic or integrative medicine that…

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Food Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities

Difficulty with tolerating foods has been increasing globally and chances are that you have had…

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What is the Vagus Nerve?

The vagus nerve is one of twelve cranial nerves that link the brain to other parts of…

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Managing Migraines

Managing Migraines

Migraines truly can be a real pain. For about 3 million Americans migraine pain is a frequent reality….

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Can Health Coaching Help Chronic Pain?

As of 2020, 30-40% of adults in the United States suffered from chronic pain –…

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Osteoporosis & Recommendations for Strong Bones

Osteoporosis, meaning “porous bones,” is a common, progressive condition in which bones become more brittle…

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Preventing Burnout with Relaxation

Relaxation. It’s probably something you crave in this fast paced world of ours. But between…

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Explaining Estrogen

Explaining Estrogen

You have likely heard of estrogen and probably know that it is a hormone that…

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Understanding Inflammation

What is inflammation? Our immune system’s response to protect against infection, disease or injury. In…

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Truth About Testosterone

The Truth About Testosterone

When we think of testosterone, you may think of men and body building being macho…

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What is the HPA Axis? Part 2

This is the second installment of our two-part blog post on the HPA Axis. The…

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What is the HPA Axis? Part 1

The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis is your stress response system. It’s that internal system that triggers…

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4-7-8 Breath

The Relaxing Breath

Our bodies are miraculous wonders of biology. Filled with systems to keep us moving toward…

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

Vitamin D is a unique vitamin that is very important to our overall health and…

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Woman thinking.

Does an Autoimmune Disorder Make You More Susceptible to COVID?

In the year that has passed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scientific…

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What is an Elimination Diet?

What is an Elimination Diet, and why should you do one? At Empowered Health, you…

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Functional Medicine & Inflammation

If the definition of functional medicine is a little ambiguous to you, you’re not alone….

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Collagen Supplements & Skin Health

Do you know what the largest organ of the human body is? It’s not your…

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healthy cooking oils

Cooking Oils 101

A good cooking oil is an important part of any recipe. Not only do they…

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processed foods

Breaking Down Processed Foods

Consumption of processed food is a prominent topic on the health foods circuit these days….

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covid research

COVID-19 and Stem Cell Treatment

Over the last year COVID-19 has majorly shifted our “normal.” Thankfully, scientific research into the…

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The Science of Sleep

What Happens While We Sleep?

There is nothing as satisfying as a good night’s rest, that feeling of waking up…

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Be Proactive: Ask About Cardiovascular Testing

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death in adults in developed countries…

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Are You at Risk for Metabolic Syndrome?

Has your doctor ever told you you’re at risk for developing metabolic syndrome? Maybe you’ve…

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Low-Carb Nutrition Plans: Benefits & Considerations

Low-carb diets seem like all the rage these days. Many “health food companies” boast that…

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COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

With the recent availability of the COVID-19 vaccine many people are wondering when and where…

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Why a Healthy Thyroid Matters

Thyroid function is one of the standard health assessments at Empowered Health. Why? Thyroid health…

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woman drinking tea

Post Holiday Blues? Combat it with Self-Care

Do you experience a feeling of letdown, or even sadness after the holiday festivities are…

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Woman drinking water.

Can Staying Hydrated Help Fight COVID?

At this point we all know the importance of proper hydration. Water aids in every…

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Almond Cocoa Smoothie

Winter Hydration is as Important as in the Summer

At this point we all know the importance of proper hydration. Water aids in just…

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How Expressing Gratitude Can Improve Your Health

Can being grateful really affect your health? Turns out it can.  Research is showing that…

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Mindful Eating During the Holiays

Mindful Eating During the Holiday Season

Our normal Thanksgiving traditions may look and feel quite different this year. (But what about 2020 has…

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Smoke from wild fires can impact our immune system

How Pollution Can Facilitate the Spread of COVID-19

Heavy pollution doesn’t make anyone feel well. It’s harmful to our earth, depressing to look…

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