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COVID Toes: Dermatological Symptoms of Coronavirus

COVID Toes: maybe you’ve caught wind of this strange new symptom associated with the Novel…

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The Possible Role of Vitamin D in Suppressing Cytokine Storm and Associated Mortality in COVID-19 Patients

As COVID-19 continues its spread throughout our world, scientists are still trying to understand why…

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Grow Your Own Immunity-Boosting Herbs

Looking for something to fill your time this summer that will help you maintain social…

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Frustrated with access to your healthcare? We can help.

I would encourage anyone who is frustrated with their access to quality healthcare give Dr….

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Personalized Care, Transparent Pricing

Dr. Schneider is super attentive and proactive when it comes to my care We started…

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Diabetes Graph

COVID-19 & Co-morbidities

Chronic Conditions May Be a Factor The novel coronavirus appears to have a high mortality…

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Exercise is Important

COVID-19: How to Maintain Your Sanity

Tips for Self-Care during COVID-19 Times seem a bit crazy right now. Understandably so. While…

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Melatonin may help fight COVID-19, research shows.

COVID-19: The Potential Effectiveness of Melatonin

Can Melatonin Disrupt the Virus’ Pathology? One of the most dangerous aspects of this novel…

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Virus Image

COVID-19: Studies on Reinfection Rates

Relapse vs. Reinfection With all the information being thrown around about COVID-19, or the Coronavirus,…

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Healthy Eating for Good Health!

Food is Medicine

Food is medicine! “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a…

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Food is medicine

The Right Type of Sleep

Let’s talk about sleep. In the age of wearables, more and more people are tracking…

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Creating Your Bedtime Ritual

Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, yet most of us are not…

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Simple Fixes

Happy that I get to drive my own health choices and medical decisions! We started…

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Exercise is Important

Exceeding Expectations

I got more results from this program than I ever imagined! We started Empowered Health…

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Healthy Holiday Baking

Mindful eating is the idea of being fully aware of your eating experience. Autumn has arrived,…

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Not just a Number

This is the kind of doctor that I wish everyone went to. We started Empowered…

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