Health Coaching Hints.

Expert hints from our nationally certified Health Coach Erika Zink on how to make healthy habit changes.

Health Coaching Hints

2022 Health Coaching Hints


Your Foundational Health Coaching Package gives you:

Focused health goals

A plan directed at improving two or more health conditions through targeted coaching and goals.

A change partner

Private one-on-one coaching sessions that are held either in-person or over the telephone.

Flexible scheduling

A coaching timetable that is flexible to your schedule with a frequency that works for you.

Increased self-awareness

Through personality assessment, values exploration, and other tools you and your coach will determine what really matters to you.


The support you need to maintain and achieve your self-defined goals related to sleep, relaxation, movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships.

An open line of communication

Secure between session messaging via chart.

Erika Zink, Health Coach

Realistic Expectations

Having high hopes can be grand and inspiring, and very human. However, when our hopes are so high they become unrealistic, there are often negative consequences. Matching our expectations to reality can go a long way towards increasing overall happiness and ability to meet the goals we set for ourselves. 


Interestingly, people are very bad at predicting what will make them happy. This could be from what we grew up watching on TV or in movies, the impact of social media, or one of many other influences throughout our lives. Regardless of the reason, when we use unrealistic predictions for setting goals, the one thing we do know is we are setting ourselves up to fail.  

To keep from falling into the Expectation vs. Reality Trap, follow these steps to stay grounded in the present and mindful of how much of a challenge you are aiming to create: 

Awareness – Becoming aware of what your expectations are is the first step towards deciding how to adjust them. If you feel disappointed or frustrated, this is a sign your expectations do not match your reality. Pause and reflect on what you wanted, what influenced that desire, and if it is realistic.  

Gratitude – Regularly appreciating what you have and your current health and abilities is a great way to stay grounded in the present. This will not only help you to savor the moment but set expectations that are more realistic to where you are today.  

Values Recognition – If you haven’t made time recently to reflect on what matters the most to you, now may be a good time to do a values inventory. When you live your life making decisions based on what inspires and motivates you, your expectations will naturally become more realistic. 

Stop Comparing – Judging yourself based on the lifestyles and abilities of others has been shown to lead to not only a negative self-image but a decrease in overall happiness. Become aware of when you are setting expectations based on what others have versus what you truly want. 

Accept “Good Enough” – Perfectionism is not realistic, no matter how much we want to achieve it. Getting comfortable with good enough can go a long way towards setting realistic expectations. 

Manage Your Fear – Often our unrealistic expectations from a place of fear. This could mean you need to work with a therapist or develop a mindfulness practice to learn about and manage your fear. Making time to find what works for you to keep your fear under control will help you to set better goals. 

Any or all of these are a great way to begin to work towards setting realistic expectations and empowering you to live your best life. If you want to learn more about how health coaching could help you to learn to set more realistic expectations, schedule an inquiry call today to talk with our coach, Erika Zink. 


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