Health Coaching Hints.

Expert hints from our nationally certified Health Coach Erika Zink on how to make healthy habit changes.

Health Coaching Hints

2022 Health Coaching Hints


Your Foundational Health Coaching Package gives you:

Focused health goals

A plan directed at improving two or more health conditions through targeted coaching and goals.

A change partner

Private one-on-one coaching sessions that are held either in-person or over the telephone.

Flexible scheduling

A coaching timetable that is flexible to your schedule with a frequency that works for you.

Increased self-awareness

Through personality assessment, values exploration, and other tools you and your coach will determine what really matters to you.


The support you need to maintain and achieve your self-defined goals related to sleep, relaxation, movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships.

An open line of communication

Secure between session messaging via chart.

Erika Zink, Health Coach

Being Uniquely Grateful

Gratitude can be defined in any number of ways. Regardless, it is a positive emotion that is either felt after receiving a gift or directed towards another person. It can strengthen social connections, make amends, and is often found to be rewarding by the giver and the receiver.  


Research into gratitude has shown that a consistent practice of expressing this emotion can improve physical health, create optimism, increase happiness and improve self-control. All of these can go a long way towards creating the changes we desire regarding our health and well-being. 

Keeping a gratitude journal is one method recommended, yet it is not the only way. Here are a few unique ideas for how to bring consistency to your gratitude practice: 

A Token of Gratitude: Find an object that you find pretty, has an interesting texture, or is from a special place such as a rock or a seashell. Carry this object with you or set it in a highly visible location and use it as a visual and tactile reminder to pause and think of one thing you are grateful for.  

Artful Gratitude: Channel your inner artist and express your appreciation for those around you and the beauty in your life by creating a gratitude jar or tree that you can decorate and then add to by writing down what you are grateful for and adding these pieces of paper to the jar or hang them from the tree. 

Nature-based Gratitude: Create a calming environment in your garden or take a walk through a park that you enjoy and use the time to reflect on what you are grateful for. 

Daily Reflections: Start your day by creating a moment in you morning routine to pause and reflect on what you are grateful for in the day to come. This could be before you get out of bed or while you are enjoying your first cup of coffee. Then end your day by reflecting on all the things that happened that you are grateful for as part of your bedtime routine. Add this in when you are brushing your teeth or after getting into bed. 

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