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Health Journey

Centrally located in the Richland Parkway.

Welcome to Our Richland Health Clinic

When preparing for your New Patient appointment, you can arrive at our Richland health clinic for your appointment time (no need to be early to fill out paperwork.) The majority of your visit will take place in a relaxed office setting where you and your physician will review your history, determine active medical concerns and set personal health goals.

A full physical will be completed, followed by any additional testing as needed. For your convenience and comfort, our clinic is equipped with in-house phlebotomy services at no additional charge to you. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to review testing results and finalize a medical treatment plan and health goals. You will be set up to use your personal health dashboard for your long-term tracking.

Your intentional health journey has begun.

You may have questions for us regarding our membership model and approach to healthcare.

We are here to answer your questions.
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Schedule a “meet and greet” phone session with one of our providers to learn more about Empowered Health’s Membership and Health model approach.

This is a 20-minute phone call to answer any of the prospective patients’ questions regarding Empowered Health.

This is not a medical consultation in any way.

Let's make positive health changes that are sustainable for a lifetime.

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