Foundational Membership

The monthly membership that gets back to the ideal patient-provider relationship and ensures your needs are heard and addressed.

Empowered Health

Anyone who is looking for…

  • A personalized healthcare approach
  • A better primary care solution
  • Medical expertise to improve overall wellness
  • Direct access to their physician

What You Get:

  • HSA or FSA account benefits apply
  • 90-minute new patient physical
  • 60-minute physical results review and health action plan development
  • Up to 6 follow-up appointments per year
  • Secure messaging via chart
  • Physician response for urgent concerns within 24 hours, 365 days/year
  • 15% off group program rates

What is Not Included:

  • Health coaching sessions
  • Cost of medications, supplements, or other recommended services
  • Cost of laboratory testing, including hormone, stool, or food allergen panels
  • However, insurance often covers upwards of 70% of these costs and an HSA or FSA account can be used
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More than a standard primary care visit.

Our monthly Foundational Membership challenges the standard healthcare model by eliminating the "middle man" and returning the focus to you, the patient. Instead of 15-minute office appointments and continual transition to a different doctor, Empowered Health provides an environment designed to make sure you are heard. Working with one physician over time allows your health history to be understood in detail, providing convenient care at the time you need it most.

Your monthly membership gives you:

A personal physician.

At Empowered Health, you receive a personal physician who intimately knows your health history and is invested in working together to achieve your health goals.


Longer visit times with your physician.

60- to 90-minute physicals with your personal physician to look at your health comprehensively. 30-minute follow-up visits provide time and space to hear your questions and discuss treatment recommendations.


Direct access to your physician.

Empowered Health members have a physician portal they can access for questions and concerns 365 days per year, on top of more time with the physician at their visits.


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HSA or FSA account benefits apply.


$125 /month

  • Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!


$165 /month

  • Dr. Schneider is not accepting new patients at this level.

Health Optimizer

$255 /month

  • Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!

You may have questions for us regarding our membership model and approach to healthcare.

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