Support & accountability through Health Coaching.

When you need a partner to help you implement changes, a health coach can provide resources and support to help you achieve your goals.


Health Coaching Opportunities.

Foundational Coaching Package


  • 6.5 hours of health coaching
  • 60-minute new patient discovery session
  • 30, 45, or 60-minute follow up sessions (Individualized to client-specific needs)
  • Accountability and support for change implementation
  • Facilitated assessments for increased self-awareness
  • Secure messaging between sessions

Health Optimizer Membership

$255 /month (Annual Membership)

  • HSA or FSA account benefits apply
  • 90-minute new patient physical
  • 60-minute physical results review and health action plan development
  • Up to 8 follow-up appointments per year
  • 5 health coaching hours total per year, individualized to client-specific needs
  • Secure messaging via chart
  • Physician response for urgent concerns within 24 hours, 365 days/year
  • 30% off group program rates
  • Supplement starter package
  • Tailored biohacking recommendations
  • Advanced functional testing options with physician analysis included
  • Limited availability

*See membership agreement for full details, limits do apply.

Why a membership model of health care delivery?

Removes the third party payor and the tension of payment/time, allowing the patient and physician to focus on what really matters.

Space and time are given for in-depth exploration, research, advanced testing, education and comprehensive follow-up. 

Eliminates the requirement of in-office visits, giving patients more control over their health care. In traditional clinic models, in-office visits are the only way for physicians to be paid.

Decreases the patient to physician ratio to 400:1 (vs. 2500:1 in standard model,) giving physicians more time with each patient and allowing for improved physician access.

“With membership medicine, patients pay in cash for routine and affordable care, saving insurance for expensive surgeries and hospital visits.”

- Evan Pankey, MMSc, Pri-Med InLight EHR


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