Health Optimizer Membership

The monthly membership for those looking to maximize their health with advanced care and testing.


Anyone who is looking for…

  • A deeper level of personalized healthcare
  • Tangible steps for improving long-term health
  • Guidance for complicated medical problems
  • A functional medicine approach with real solutions
  • Physician-guided biohacking
  • Personalized nutrition planning and implementation
  • Accountability for habit formation

What You Get:

  • New patient orientation
  • 90-minute new patient physical
  • 60-minute physical results review and health action plan development
  • 60-minute subsequent year annual physical
  • 5 health coaching hours total, individualized to client-specific needs
  • Comprehensive annual lab ordering and analysis
  • Secure messaging via chart
  • Medication prescribing
  • Routine health screenings
  • Tailored biohacking recommendations
  • Advanced functional testing options with provider analysis
  • Provider response for urgent concerns within 24 hours, 365 days/year
  • Body Composition Analysis: 4 tests/year
  • Mole Mapping: annually when requested or recommended

What is Not Included:

  • Cost of medications, additional supplements or other recommended services
  • Cost of additional laboratory testing, including hormone, stool, or food allergen panels, above the complimentary value
  • However, insurance often covers upwards of 70% of these costs and an HSA or FSA account can be used

More than concierge medicine.

The Health Optimizer membership is designed for the person who wants to take a deeper dive into their healthcare. This membership level challenges the standard healthcare model by focusing on the root cause of what is making you unwell and correcting the problem. Instead of short-term fixes that only address your current symptoms, this approach optimizes the foundation for healthy living through all stages of your life.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to manage health concerns in the past, consider optimizing your health with this membership. You’ll receive not only detailed guidance from your personal physician based on in-depth assessment and advanced testing options, but also a health coach to support change implementation based on your specific goals. Empower yourself to receive the medical expertise and accountability required to elevate your health to optimal levels.

Your monthly membership gives you:

A personal physician.

At Empowered Health, a board-certified provider is your personal physician who intimately knows your health history and is invested in working together to achieve your health goals.


Longer visit times with your physician.

60- to 90-minute annual visits with your provider to take an in-depth look at your health holistically. In addition you receive a health action plan will be uniquely developed for you.


Direct access to your physician.

Empowered Health members have a patient portal they can access for questions and concerns, on top of more time with the physician at their visits.


Health Coaching Sessions

Our health coaches work closely with your provider to keep you on track with your goals in a way that fits your lifestyle. This accountability is a major component to achieving long-term success.


Advanced Functional Testing Options

Advanced testing that empowers patients with in-depth health insights. More than a standard blood panel, testing is based on your specific health needs and family history. At this membership level, advanced testing analysis and review is included in the price of membership.


Biohacking Guidance

Biohacking is a set of tools used to increase information and awareness of your body’s response to your environment and circumstances.

Whether checking your blood pressure, heart rate variability or blood sugar response, your physician will tailor recommendations to provide the largest impact on your health optimization journey.

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HSA or FSA account benefits apply.


$165 /month

  • Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!

Health Optimizer

$225 /month

  • Use your HSA or FSA account benefits!

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