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We shift the focus back on you, the patient.

Our goal is to get back to the fundamentals of healthcare.


In the standard healthcare model, the individual patient is no longer the focus.

Time between patient and physician is dictated increasingly by the health system and insurance reimbursement. Physicians are incentivized to see more patients, resulting in shorter visits and rushed interactions with each individual. Consequently, a typical primary care visit often focuses on brief analysis and quick fixes without an explanation of diagnosis or in depth test result review. This method overwhelms patients and leaves them with more questions than answers.

The current system also does not optimize technology. Without maximizing technology, communication directly with the physician is difficult and when questions do arise may result in numerous needless visits. Lastly, without cost transparency, patients don’t know the final cost of a visit and can be surprised with expensive bills. These influences are increasing physician burnout and the ideal of having the same physician for 20+ years is less common.


Empowered Health is different.

First, we use a membership model. This increases cost transparency and eliminates the middle-man, health insurance companies, with involvement in standard primary care visits. With insurance no longer dictating appropriate medical decision making, time and resources can be spent to focus on health promotion or getting to the root cause of an issue. You wouldn’t wait for your car insurance to approve new tires before you upgrade bald ones, would you?

Secondly, we optimize technology in order to maximize convenience. What can be taken care of outside of an office visit should be. Our approach improves both patient and physician satisfaction, allowing for the reemergence of the 20+ year physician-patient relationship.

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Our Priorities.



With so many options to pursue health today, our job at Empowered Health is to know your story and be your guide on the journey to optimal wellness.



Because you are the agent of change, we prioritize health goals according to your wishes instead of fitting every patient into the same health plan.



We created multiple options for physician access, including email, office visits and telemedicine, to best serve your needs.



We understand that health literacy is key to ongoing healthy choices and work to educate you on your own labs, testing and health issues.



We invest substantial time for you to tell your story, ask questions and interact with the physician. This may be up to 90 minutes for your first EHI clinic visit, compared to a 20–40 minutes visit at a standard clinic.



We are transparent and upfront about costs so you aren’t surprised by unexpected medical bills.



We incorporate cutting-edge technology to aid you in your health journey.

Frequently asked questions about Empowered Health.