Do You Have Inflammation

Is Inflammation Impacting Your Health?

by Erika Zink, NBC-HWC


How do you know if inflammation is negatively affecting your health?  

If you want to find out your Medical Symptom Questionnaire score and whether you should talk to your doctor more about inflammation, you can take the quiz here: 


How do you know if inflammation is negatively affecting your health?  


It’s important to mention not all inflammation is bad. In the case of acute illness or injury, such as a broken bone or viral infection, inflammation is a very important tool your body uses to help you to heal and recover. The type of inflammation that is concerning is when it becomes chronic or lasts for extended periods of time. This can put stress on your body and lead to more severe medical complications. 


To make it more complex, each person expresses Inflammation differently and with varying levels of severity. It can also affect multiple systems within the body, making it challenging to know whether what you are experiencing is caused by inflammation or if something else is going on.  


Back to that all important question we started with: How do you know if inflammation is negatively affecting your health? 


In precision medicine, there are tools that can be used to test for elevated inflammation. The most accurate is a blood test to look at specific inflammation markers.


Another option, while not as accurate, is the Medical Symptom Questionnaire. This quick quiz asks you to rank the intensity of any symptoms you are having in relation to different systems in the body. These can vary from your digestive tract, energy, mind and memory to your ears, nose and throat. 


Your final score is then used to help you determine if you should talk to your doctor about further testing for signs of inflammation, and to help guide them to determine which treatments or lifestyle changes might make a difference.   


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