Winter Hydration is as Important as in the Summer

We all know the importance of proper hydration. Water aids in just about every biological process and therefore hydration affects everything from digestion and skin health to brain function and physical capability. It’s recommended that the average adult drink half their weight in ounces every day in order to help with your body’s everyday functions.…

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The Importance of Summer Hydration

Proper hydration is important all year long, but especially in the summer when the days are longer and hotter. With the abundance of outdoor activities available to us in the Tri-Cities, many of us are spending long hours in the sun and the heat. How Your Body Uses Water An adult human’s body can contain…

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Finding Gratitude & Balance During the Holidays


Can being grateful really affect your health? Turns out it can.  The holidays are a time of anticipation and celebration, but they can also be exhausting and quite stressful. Between the food preparation, managing emotions, social commitments and relatives (both good and bad), who wouldn’t feel strained and off balance?   Throughout the stresses of the season, expressing gratitude and making…

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The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Here: What You Need to Know

COVID vaccine

With the new FDA emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being announced there is an abundance of questions and misinformation being spread. We are here to set the record straight on the science behind this new vaccine and give our medically informed recommendations. What’s new (but maybe not as new as you thought)…

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Post Holiday Blues? Combat it with Self-Care

woman drinking tea

Do you experience a feeling of letdown, or even sadness after the holiday festivities are finished? Taking time for self-care is an important part of your overall well-being and can help you get through the days following the holiday season. The holidays are a time of anticipation and celebration, but they can also be exhausting.…

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How Pollution Can Facilitate the Spread of COVID-19

Smoke from wild fires can impact our immune system

Heavy pollution doesn’t make anyone feel well. It’s harmful to our earth, depressing to look at, and even worse to breathe in. Here in the Tri-Cities, wind storms and wild fires can impact our air quality, often causing breathable air to become dangerous. So in our current world of COVID-19, what does this mean for…

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COVID-19 Masks 101: What’s the Best Option?

COVID mask

It’s been just over a month since Washington Governor Jay Inslee enacted a state wide mask mandate in hopes of helping to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Even before this mandate went into effect, mask shortages across the nation caused people to turn to alternatives to typical hospital and surgical masks. Now with masks…

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The What, Why and How of Meditation

Woman Meditating

We’ve all heard of meditation. For many of us images of Buddhist monks may come to mind. For others, you already may have your own meditation routine like walking or practicing yoga. In fact, meditation can encompass a wide breadth of actions. So what exactly is meditation? It’s much more than just relaxing after a long…

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How Changing Your Diet Might Help Fight COVID

green tea

While most of us are doing all we can to avoid contracting COVID-19, it is still a very real threat to the health of all of us. Especially as more businesses continue opening and school beginning around the corner, the potential of catching the novel coronavirus is a real possibility for many of us. So…

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