Preventing & Treating Lupus


Lupus refers to conditions that causes an overactive and misdirected immune system in those affected. Lupus is a systemic disorder, meaning that it affects a wide array of the body, including the joints, kidneys, skin, blood, brain and other organs.


Are you experiencing or at risk for lupus?

Lupus is the result of your immune system attacking healthy tissue in your body. Most of the time, lupus results from a combination of your genetics and your environment. If you are susceptible to Lupus, potential triggers can include sunlight, infections and medications. If you are at risk or have Lupus, you may experience symptoms such as fever, joint pain, fatigue, butterfly-shaped rash on the face, skin lesions, fingers or toes that turn white or blue when exposed to cold, shortness of breath, chest pain, dry eyes, headaches, confusion or memory loss.


If you believe you are experiencing or at risk for Lupus and you are looking for personalized care, then you are at the right place. We at Empowered Health are here to guide you to your healthiest self.

At Empowered Health we work with you to provide long-term solutions over time.

Therefore, this is not a short-term, “quick fix” for symptoms or conditions you are experiencing.

The Empowered solution.

We are passionate about Empowering you in your health journey. Therefore, we invest and focus our time in learning your story. We want to understand your lifestyle and personal goals in order to meet your long-term needs in regard to Lupus. Most importantly, we understand that every health journey is different, therefore we customize our plans to you. We promise to be transparent, available and help educate you about your health along the way. With this approach you are able to maintain and achieve sustainable results that consequently reduce the risk of Lupus.

Remember, your health is an investment, not an expense. Let's get started on your path to wellness in Richland, WA. We are located in the Richland Parkway off of Knight Street.


Tip for treating Lupus:

Lupus symptoms may be worsened or experienced more frequently if ongoing inflammation is present as a result of food sensitives. One inexpensive way to test this out at home is by trying an elimination diet.

To do this:

  1. Eliminate together or one at a time food types from your diet for 15-30 days (longer is better).
  2. Re-introduce the food types one at a time at least 3 days apart and pay close attention to any symptoms which you notice. You may benefit from doing this more than once to really dial into your sensitivities.

The food types which most commonly are linked to sensitivities are as follows:

  • dairy
  • wheat
  • soy
  • corn
  • yeast
  • eggs
  • refined sugar
  • artificial food colorings

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