Cold-Weather Movement

man running

While there’s no one perfect temperature or recommendation for everyone, we have a few things to keep in mind while you go out for your cold weather movement. One of the benefits of working out in the cold is that endurance is often increased. Because of the cooler temperatures the heart does not have to…

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Lifestyle Habits for Healthy Cholesterol Levels


We have all heard of cholesterol. What exactly is cholesterol and the different types? How do we check for problems with cholesterol? At what age should we be screening for problems with cholesterol? How do we manage high cholesterol from lifestyle interventions? These are all questions that will be discussed in this article. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States and is…

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Why Exercise Helps Battle COVID-19

Woman running; exercise helps fight COVID.

As we enter month four of COVID-19 quarantine, our pre-COVID daily routine may feel distant as our new routines take shape. With gyms closed and people staying inside more often, this unfortunately means that your day-to-day activity probably involves less exercise than it used it. But in our current situation, this is the exact opposite of what should…

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