Functional vs. Traditional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?  Functional medicine is a branch of holistic or integrative medicine that looks for the root cause of chronic disease or conditions. It focuses on functional systems-based rather than organ-based and is concerned with conditions versus diseases.  The functional laboratory testing often looks deeper than the routine tests, even to the cellular…

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Low-Carb Nutrition Plans: Benefits & Considerations

Low-carb diets seem like all the rage these days. Many “health food companies” boast that these diets are a cure to any ailment that may befall you. But what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to companies trying to market their newest product to you? Well as it turns out with most things, the…

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How Pollution Can Facilitate the Spread of COVID-19

Smoke from wild fires can impact our immune system

Heavy pollution doesn’t make anyone feel well. It’s harmful to our earth, depressing to look at, and even worse to breathe in. Here in the Tri-Cities, wind storms and wild fires can impact our air quality, often causing breathable air to become dangerous. So in our current world of COVID-19, what does this mean for…

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